Monday, March 21, 2011

Fatty Liver Disease

As you may remember, I have blogged about my nonalcoholic fatty liver. I have been battling this for a while. Well in December and January my enzymes started to go above 4x the highest amount my doctor wanted them. So I had to find a way to lower them.

I have been exercising for 4 weeks now. I have missed a few days but essentially I exercise with personal trainer, Christopher Douglas, at least 2 times a week doing crossfit.

In addition to that I am using DoTerra products:
1. Zendocrin Oil - 1 drop in 4oz water daily
2. Zendocrin Detoxification Complex - 2 pills per day
3. Frankinsence oil - 2 drops under my tongue daily
4. doTerra Lifelong Vitality Pack - the recommended daily dose

The good news is that my ALT is at 59 (previously it was around 126) and my AST is at 41 (previously around 96). This is over a 2 month time frame!!!!

So I can definately credit the use of Doterra medicinal essential oils to my liver enzymes dropping!!!!


Rob the Poet said...

Any update on this? I have a friend interested in knowing which oils to use for fatty liver. Did you continue to improve?

Michelle said...

Not sure if you are still active in this, but i am interested in knowing more. I have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease as well. I am interested in ingesting essential oils to help reduce my numbers. If you are still around, an update would be so much appreciated1